Michael River Martin (Mike) was sub-lead singer, background dancer, and former band member of the American boy band, Mindless Behavior. He was born on May 13, 1998 in Mississippi making him the third MB member not to be born in California besides Prodigy and EJ. He joined the band in early 2015. He is also the sixth member to join the group as he replaced former original member, Roc Royal.


Born in Mississppi, Mike began recording music and dancing at a young age as he learned how to sing, dance, and play instruments. He was 17 when he first joined Mindless Behavior back in 2015 as he replaced former member and rapper of the group, Roc Royal. In his teenage years, Mike was in a group named "We R Remix" with two girls named Harley and Anna, the trio went on to also perform at schools and also on 106 & Park on BET.


  • He is also best friends with IM5 band member, Dana Vaughns.
  • He is the third MB member not to be born in California, as he born in Mississippi.
  • MB is not the first group he has been in, he was originally in a group called "We R Remix", making MB his second group to be a main band member in.
  • He was the second oldest member in the group.
  • Fans say that he looks and dances very similar to former original member, Prodigy.
  • His announcement of joining the group was also on the same day, the group announced their original new album "Recharge". 
  • He was a sub-lead singer and the first sub-lead singer MB ever had.
  • Fans say that his singing voice sounds very similar to R&B artist Mario.