Elijah Johnson (EJ) was the second lead singer of American boy band, Mindless Behavior, replacing former lead singer, Prodigy. EJ joined the band in early 2014. He was born on June 24, 1998 in Detroit, Michigan making him the second MB band member not to be born in California besides Prodigy and Mike. He was also the fifth member to join Mindless Behavior.


After former lead singer prodigy left the group, he was replaced with Elijah Johnson or by his stage name "EJ"  who is from Detroit, Michigan. EJ also played Simba in the broadway production of The Lion King, and was also a singer of Kidz Bop. EJ was actually a longtime friend with the band members before joining. He also filmed a movie titled "Cass", which is out on DVD. EJ has also a released single titled "Meet on The Dance Floor". The announcement of EJ joining Mindless Behavior was made on April 4, 2014. EJ made his debut concert appearance with the band in his hometown of Detroit by performing their original lead single "My Baby" from their upcoming third album. He still a member and the lead singer of the group alongside Princeton and Mike as they released their new album, #officialMBmusic on his 18th birthday which was June 24, 2016. Currently, he has returned to being a solo artist.


  • He was the first member to replace a original member of the group.
  • He made his debut on stage with the group in his hometown in Detroit, which is where they also premiered their supposed to be new single, "My Baby" which hasn't been released since.
  • He was the youngest person in the group since Roc Royal's departure.
  • He was the first member to have an new album released on the day of their birthday.
  • He has a solo single titled "Meet on The Dance Floor".
  • The first album he recorded with the group was Recharge but was not released, making #officialMBmusic his first official album debut with the group.
  • Fans say that his singing voice sounds very similar to Chris Brown's voice.