All Around the World is the second studio album by American boy band, Mindless Behavior. The album was released on March 12, 2013, three days before the release of their documentary film, Mindless Behavior: All Around the World. The album also features guest appearances from Soulja Boy, Jacob Latimore, and Lil Twist. The deluxe edition which features 4 bonus tracks is available only at Target. The album also outsold the band's previous album by selling 37,000 in it's first week. It also, reached number 1 on the US Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Chart.


This album was said to sound more and be mature from the first album as it has more experiences and more relation to this album because the boys have been "all around the world". The album also has the elements of pop and R&B in the music, and focuses primarily on themes like love.

Track ListingEdit

Bonus TracksEdit

  • 12. Lookin' For Ya
  • 13. Bang Bang Bang
  • 14. Your Favorite Song
  • 15. House Party


  • The album's original title was "House Party" but was later changed to "All Around the World". However, the track "House Party" was included on the deluxe edition of the album.
  • The album was released 3 days before the film's release date.
  • This is technically the last album to feature former band members, Prodigy, Roc Royal, and Ray Ray.
  • The only tracks from the album that were performed on the "All Around the World Tour" was "All Around the World", "Keep Her on the Low", "Used to Be", and "House Party".
  • This is the last album to feature the group as a four member group.
  • The album outsold their debut album and is their best selling album to date.
  • This album features more musical appearances from Princeton and Ray Ray, Princeton and Ray Ray were featured on "Pretty Girl", Ray Ray had verses in "Ready for Love" and "Bang Bang Bang", with Princeton making his singing debut on "Brightside".